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First day on the... job?

October 21st, 2011 at 03:58 pm

Greeting reader,

This is my blog, and I'll post entries here couple o' times pr. week.

My goal is to make so much money, that I can spend the rest of my days somewhere nice, not having to worry about dead-end jobs, debt or anything that falls in the money category.

I know this takes a lot of time, I'm not JUST a dreamer, so I've spend some time, coming up with different subjects to study, in order to get my mind on the right track;

- Saving money
- Investing
- Starting a business
- Reducing debt (well, maybe.. I mean, if you make the money, the debt goes away)

My Current Status

At the moment, I'm a student, located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Not a lot of people have any knowledge regarding the country, but we'll save that matter for another time.

My income lies at 7780 DKK / 1400 $, pr. month, and when all obligational expenses are paid, I have around 340 $ to put into my savings, given that I don't spend any of them on fun/useless things.

The plan, for now

Seeing as I'm almost down to my last penny, for this months "paycheck" (students don't get 'paid') the first thing to do, is to wait for next months cashflow to arrive. I'll be able to take things a little further when that is.

That's all for now,