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Unexpected Expenses

November 9th, 2011 at 06:43 am

I got off wery well on my new road to wherever.

My usual cash amount was transfered to my bankaccount last week. Here's what i did immideately;

From my online bank i transfered money to;

Landlord - 3250
Friend - 200
Mom - 400

Then I took out money for Food and Uncategorized expenses

Food - 1500
Other - 1300

After this, I don't know how it happened, but i somehow spend a little money on expensive junk food and som cigarettes

Junk - 150

Alright now, I still had around 1000 DKK, to put into savings after this, but a few things came up, wich meant i had to spend these money; here's what i did;

- Switched to a cheaper telephone company. This cost me 49 DKK, and gave 200 DKK's worth of phone credits.

- Bought a new (used) cell phone, since the old one's texting function stopped working, wich could cost me a bunch if i had to dial someone every time, to get a hold of them. The phone cost me 500 DKK, and then I found out that the Charger that came with the phone didn't work.

- Bought a new charger for my new (used) cell phone. This cost me 150 kr.

- Bought a hat. See, the Winter in Denmark can be REALLY cold, especially in these times. This cost me 200 kr, but at least the hat looks really nice, fits well and keeps my ears and my head warm.

Total - 899 DKK

So my savings for this month, are almost completely gone. That bums me out a little, but at least I didn't spend the money on useless things, and hopefully a new phone and some warm ears will save me some money in the future.

Times goes by slower than usual, when you have plans. At least that's my observation. I'm finding it harder to relax and to spend my spare time on something that doesn't cost money.. I started reading the book "The Hobbit", wich my mom used to read to me when I was a little boy. It's funny how your reflection on the book changes as you grow older.. well..

Untill next time

- Frank

5 Responses to “Unexpected Expenses”

  1. patientsaver Says:

    I would be interested to hear your reflections on the Hobbit book the second time around...

  2. LuxLivingFrugalis Says:

    Yes, I can formulate & calculate financial plans way out into the future only to be slowed by the passing of time! Arrggghhh!!! As in driving - If not for the laws of physics and law enforcement officers I could have already "arrived"!!

  3. Jerry Says:

    People who live in warmer climates may not understand how important a good, warm hat is during the winters in Scandinavia and other cold parts of the world. It really does lead to some insurance of a more comfortable (and safer) winter... especially if you spend significant amounts of time outside during commuting or for work and recreation. Post a pic of you in your new, 800DK hat, Big Frank! Wink Jerry

  4. why i want to be a nurse essay-bigpaperwriter.com Says:

    Unexpected expenses occur quite often, so I plan my article in my budget and if the amount is not spent, it is redirected to other articles.

  5. i research papers help Says:

    For Togo not to worry about unforeseen expenses, I debug some amount on a separate account just for such cases here and it does not violate my budget.

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